Why Do I Need A Money Mindset Coach?

My name is Michele Coy, and I have over twenty-seven years in the financial sector.  Since the age of sixteen, I have been helping small businesses understand key processes to set up their business bookkeeping to tell a story. I was drawn to help individuals connect to the resources that he/she needed as part of their own story. 

Becoming a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach, Speaker, and Personal Development Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I traveled my own personal money story. I realized personal development helped me become awareness and skills to overcome my money story.  Money Mindset is not a surface level issue, but a deeper level of understanding who you are.  

As I continued to work with clients, I realized clients struggled with creating and maintaining a budget because a deeper issue needed to be solved.  As a result, I was using personal development tools to work on a deeper level to help them work with money struggles.

How I Can Help

As a Money Mindset Coach, we work together to identify your relationship with money.  Your relationship with money has many facets that play into your happiness, your ability to earn more money, and your financial freedom.  

Together, we work through 5 key steps to overcome your money mindset.

  • Identifying your relationship with money,

  • Identifying your money stories,

  • Identifying your hidden gifts and/or talents,

  • Ways to provide gratitude,

  • Learning key areas of identifying and Manifesting more money into your life.

What Others Have Said

“Michele is one of the most genuine and caring people you will ever meet. She has been a voice of reason and has given sound advice throughout many different phases of our business. I trust her wholeheartedly and would recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to seek help in their business.”

Olivia A.

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been struggling at it for a while, I can’t recommend Michele highly enough. Her combination of being able to hold space for a lot of vulnerability and her understanding of what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur make her an incredible person to have on your time. I feel immensely grateful for everything she’s shared with me, and all of the changes that have happened in my business and life as a result. I now believe again in the possibility of my own success, and I’m seeing it come into fruition in front of my eyes.”

Cait R.

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